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Popular Shophouses Location For Investors

Popular Shophouses Location For Investors

Uniqueness of Shophouses and Their Locations

Shophouses are iconic pieces of South-East Asian architecture. Both classical and modern Shophouses are available to buy/rent for potential investors. But it is important to understand the areas that they’re available in before you invest. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the areas that Shophouses are located, and why each of these areas or good locations for investment.


  • Chinatown is located within the Central Area of Singapore. It’s a perfect mix of heritage and contemporary, where five-foot-ways line the streets but newer roads with hipster bars are nearby.
  • It’s a perfect place to invest because of the blend of tourism, regularly visitors and residents in the area. Chinatown is one of the busiest places in Singapore.
  • Chinatown has plenty of sub-areas that are possible to invest in, each of them worth an investment in their own right.

Pagoda Street

Pagoda Street has echoes of Chinatown’s historic past, the Chinatown Heritage Centre is located there, drawing on visitors every day. The street has been listed as a district for conservation, meaning that the five-foot width walkways are set to stay and Shophouses will remain a prominent part of the area. In terms of footfall, this street is one of the busiest in Singapore
Smith Street runs through the heart of the Chinatown district. It bustles in the afternoon and evening. Today, it is an area for outdoor eating and drinking, so investing in this area could be worthwhile if your shop is F&B related.

Pagoda Street Shophouse

Temple Street

Temple Street is a one-way road in Chinatown. At the south bridge road end of the street is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. This attracts hordes of visitors to the street, taking photos and sightseeing.

Pagoda Street Shophouse

Trengganu Street

Trengganu Street links Pagoda Street and Sago Street, positioned behind a temple. Many of the surrounding area was turned into the Chinatown Shopping Complex and now Trengganu Street operates as the beating heart of the tourism industry within Chinatown. Plenty of people come all day for the different shops, and the number of visitors really aren’t slowing down.

Shophouses at Trengganu Street
Tanjong Pagar Shophouses 1 Glance

Tanjong Pagar

  • Tanjong Pagar is a historic district actually positioned within the Central Business District, PRIME DISTRICT 2 Traditionally working class, it was one of the first towns to be known for frequent travelling to work in Tanjong Pagar.
  • Now, Tanjong Pagar has become a district that is full of contemporary delights. It is fashionable with its thriving businesses, eateries and cafes. Not only that, but the town was e gifted conservation status by the government. Due to this, many of the buildings in the town have been restored back to their original shophouse appearances.
  • There are plenty of points of interest in Tanjong Pagar that make it an interesting area to invest.

Tras Street

Located in Tanjong Pagar and today it is lined with a plethora of shophouses, many of them in the conventional 2 or 3-storey format. It’s a place for nightlife thanks to a string of bars and exquisite dining experience. But even away from the evenings, the day time is a thriving area thanks to shops, eating places and offices, making it a perfect place to invest in a shophouse.


Duxton Hill

It is an area of Singapore well known for it’s privacy and beauty. Enclave and nested with it. Many favorite for restaurant goers, it lies within the Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area. Many of the shophouses are now exclusive working offices, clubs and fine dining restaurants , meaning it’s a thriving area in the evening as well.

Shophouse Duxton Hill

Peck Seah Street

Located right on the boundary between the Downtown Core and Outram Planning Area. Situatied near many hotels plus the recent opening of the Tanjong Pagar Centre, currently the tallest building in Singapore making the street extremely vibrant. It also has plenty of activities. This is a great place to lookout for.

Shophouses Peck Seah Street

Craig Road

Craig Road was historically a residential area for the working class. But with the conservation project restoring plenty of shophouses, eateries, , hotels and condominiums, the area is now thriving and a perfect place to invest in.

Shophouse Craig Road

Telok Ayer Street

Telok Ayer Street is within the CBD district of Singapore. It’s another one of the areas that are being protected under the government’s conservation plan, and the project allowed most of the area’s shophouses to be restored to their original appearance.

Nearby, you’ll find Amoy street foodfood Market, an indoor food hubt that is an extremely popular place to go for locals, expats and tourists. There’s food selection for everyone and makes the Telok Ayer Street a great place to think about investing.

Shophouses Telok Ayer Street

Amoy Street

Amoy Street is one of the one-way wide streets within the Telok Ayer Street area and at the end of the road is a pedestrian mall. The shophouses are highly popular with an abundance of food eateries and cafes for people to stop by.

Shophouse Amoy Street

Boon Tat Street

Located in downtown Singapore, Boon Tat Street is near to LAU PA SAT, the street closed to traffic in the evenings that allows stalls and hawkers to set up and sell their satays and many local favourite foods. This attracts both tourists and locals in their hundreds, making it a busy and vibrant area of Singapore and therefore potentially, a great location to invest in.

Shophouse Boon Tat Street

Stanley Street

Situated in the Telok Ayer area of Chinatown, the street is lined with Shophouses and is a link from McCallum Street to Boon Tat Street. It has a lot to offer for the hungry boasting an international line up of eateries that offers everything from Sushi to BBQ Chicken. Located in a bustling area of Singapore it’s an attractive investment opportunity.

Shophouses At Stanley Street Singapore

River Valley & Holland Village

  • Running from Robertson Quay to Alexandra Road, River Valley and Holland Village offers real proximity to the hustle and bustle of the heart of the city but with a little more emphasis on family focused activities.
  • With a host of restaurants, malls and well known schools nearby, this is a great location for investing in a Shophouse.

River Valley Road

The heartbeat of River Valley, River Valley Road connects the boisterous city centre with the relaxed suburbs of Bukit Merah and Alexandra. It offers a range of pubs, clubs, restaurants and small businesses to make it a lively street and a very strategic investment option.

Shophouses at River Valley Road

Holland Village ( Lorong Mambong, Lorong Liput)

Holland Village, often called Holland V is a really popular area for young Singaporeans and expats thanks to it’s central location, shopping and dining opportunities. The crescent shaped area is just full with malls and Shophouses and with its youthful clientele, it’s an investment opportunity that offers a positive long term outlook.


Little India

Little India is a vibrant little district that shows off the ethnic diversity of the city with great shopping and culture. This historical area of Singapore boasts a mix of mosques, churches and temple that attract locals and tourists making it one of the better locations to invest in a Shophouse in Singapore.


Kampong Glam

As the name suggest, this area of Singapore is one of the more glamorous . With the landmark Sultan Mosque a tourist attraction that draws in visitors to the area, coupled with the historic Malay origins and heritage it’s a charming and popular area of Singapore and a serious option for Shophouse investment.

Shophouses at Kampong Glam


There are plenty of historic and iconic places in Singapore that are attractive to a potential buyer / renter. If you’re looking for shophouses then this article has highlighted many of the places you should look into whilst making a decision.



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